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Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous


  1. Product name: Sodium Sulfate Anhyfrous
  2. Chemical formula: Na2SO4
  3. Molecular Weight: 142.04
  4. CAS No.: 7757-82-6
  5. H.S. Code: 28331100
  6. EINECS No.: 231-820-9
  8. Appearance: White powder or crystal.
  9. COA of Sodium Sulfate Anhyfrous


Application of Sodium Sulfate Anhyfrous

1. Used for making sodium silicate sodium silicate water glass and other chemical products.

2. The cooking agent used for making kraft pulp.

3. Glass industry is used to replace soda as a solvent.

4. Textile industry is used to prepare vinylon spinning coagulants [1].

5. For ferrous metallurgy, leather and other aspects.

6. It is used to make sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass and porcelain glaze, and also used as an antidote for the antiseptic and barium salt poisoning.

7. Mainly used as filler for synthetic detergent.

A cooking agent used for making kraft pulp.

8. It is also used as the filling material for synthetic detergents, which is also used in paper industry, glass industry, chemical industry, textile industry and pharmaceutical industry.

9. Used as an analytical reagent, such as dehydrating agent, digestion catalyst for nitrogen fixation, and interference inhibitor in atomic absorption spectrometry.

It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

10, used in chemical industry, paper making and glass, dye, dyeing and the pharmaceutical industry in synthetic fiber, leather, non-ferrous metallurgy, also have application in the production of enamel, etc, also used in soap and detergent additives.

11. It can be used as a buffer to stabilize the ph value of the bath.

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